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Planet First… Plan it Green… PlanitG People…!!!

The plan is to create an evergreen planet, green in every sense of it…
It appears green when girls are around. Glamour quotient. (Feels Good)
It appears green when god’s all around. Peace quotient. (Feels Good)
It appears green when greenery’s all around. (Feels Good)
That’s why we always call it EVERGREEN.


Everything happening around, suggests us to believe in a LOGIC behind it & that’s how we practice it in everyday life. If something happens & we can’t find the LOGIC behind it, it appears to us as MAGIC. For example, Flying was MAGICAL until Wright brothers discovered the logic behind it.

G is an alphabet of English, said by the WORLD today.

English says:
When you do it, you say am doing it.
When you buy it, you say am buying it.
When you go for it, you say am going for it.
And it goes on and on.

What it reflects, if you look at the alphabets:
Do in G
Buy in G
Go in G

What it actually says:
Be Generous
Be Good
Be Genuine

Now let’s look at some other presences of G.
It goes silent when H is next to it, like: High, Right, Through…
And it sounds like when H
is next to it again, like: Laugh, Enough, Tough…

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Now, let’s dissect this one: “Go Right Enough” Makes sense… Here it sounds like G in GO & then it goes silent in RIGHT and then sounds like ‘F’ in ENOUGH. That derives a sequence ‘GHF’. What it means, if we try to get deeper to the sense of it. ‘G’ is the 7th alphabet, 8 is the only number which has a silent ‘G’ in it & when 78 is written inside G it appears as 786. 786 here resembles a cycle, Green cycle. The answer which comes in my mind is PlanitG. We all need to respect the G’s. As always been said before Being Human. It reflects as Be in G Human.
Let’s PlanitG People.

An organization with an unending zeal to look for the everGreen. Everything has a cycle and the clue is to live within it. When we try to break out and go beyond it, destruction is bound to happen i.e. Global warming. The cycles are then believed to be unending or unnatural.

Cycles are nothing but the most amazing discovery humans have ever made. A cycle gives an edge over off completion. It marks that I’ll come again and again. All over again and again. If we make a perfect fuel cycle or green cycle, the world is going to be a greener planet forever. Come join the best plan that could make this Planet everGreen.


We believe PlanitG is the solution to all the problems society has been facing lately. G belongs to a plan that is Global. People have called it in many different ways but this is the best possible way to save the nature and everything that survives in it. Planet First… Plan it Green… PlanitG People…!!!

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